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Florida is definitely a melting pot. Our visitors and residents come from all over the country--and the world. On our beaches, in our bistros, and throughout our boutiques, you will hear symphony of accents and languages. And you may notice, many here speak Spanish fluently. Floridians learn how to speak Spanish for a variety of reasons: self-improvement, professional goals, or to feel they are part of the local culture.

When you live here, you may become curious about learning conversational Spanish. Thanks to today’s innovative technologies, there are several ways to learn at home and make progress in meaningful ways.

Blogger Nate Alger emphasizes that the key is consistency. Make a promise to yourself that you will commit to learning every day. 

Alger also suggests these six routes to learning:

  1. Find an Online Tutor 
    A classroom is focused on a room full of students, but a tutor is solely focused on you. Two options include Spanish55.com where their onboarding process starts with a free 55-minute consultation over Skype, and Italki.com where you pay per lesson.
  2. Use Language Exchanges with Native Speakers
    Find a partner who will spend about 30 minutes speaking with you in English, and then the next 30 minute speaking in Spanish. Conversationexchange.com is a site that pairs people for this purpose.
  3. Use a Flashcard App
    Just like your kids learning their spelling words at home, e-flashcards can teach you a new vocabulary. Ankiapp is a very good app that you can use on your cell phone.
  4. Listen to Spanish Podcasts
    Whenever you might spend time listening to a podcast—while driving, or cooking, or taking a walk—consider listening to one in Spanish. Beginners will enjoy the Coffee Break Spanish podcast.
  5. Read Books in Spanish
    Read a book you already know in the Spanish language version. Rather than look up every word you don’t know, look up words you don’t know that come up over and over again.
  6. Write in Spanish
    If you enjoy journaling, try adding some of the entries in Spanish. 

When it's time to make your move, our team is here to make it a seamless transition. Whether you want help learning a new language, finding the right schools, or selecting the perfect design elements for your new home, we are ready with the right resources for you.  Reach out to get started.  

 ¡Buena suerte y sigue así!

** Source: Best Ways to Learn Spanish (Like a Pro)


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